The Boutique Hotel All Your Friends Will Be Talking About This Year

There are staycations and trips around the Ocean State and then, there's the Gilded in Newport.

From the bold purple exterior to Leo, the gold lion (Found out later that he's the Gilded's official mascot.) that greeted us as we walked up the steps to the jaw droppingly gorgeous front hallway (Photo above...At first glance, it reminded me of the spectacular space at RISD where private events, including the Todd Oldham dinner last year, are held.), we knew we weren't checking in to some cookie cutter, bor-ing type place. More like vintage after a sassy, stunning makeover!

The thing is that we were in awe of this snazzy updated (definitely colorful) oasis, open since 2015, and only a stroll, or Uber, from Thames. Thankfully, there's a plethora of pics to show some key reasons why we're obsessed. (Mad props to photog Stacey Doyle for staycationing along with and taking these snaps!) So, let's dig into our travel diary for a look at what makes the Gilded a must see & stay.    

This Room

Call it a living room. A sitting room. A parlour. No matter because what's really important here is that it's cheerful and FUN. From that red chandelier to the fireplace (one of several we spied that are obviously original to the house and have had a nice re-do) to the bright pink, purple, and turquoise furniture, it's the perfect spot for sipping a coffee or tea or just vegging out after a nice walkabout. 

Snacks & Meals

Hotel breakfast can be tricky. Especially when it comes to the complimentary ones, which can be pretty disapponting. Not the case at all at the Gilded*. Yesterday, we dined like A Listers on fresh coffee and juice and made-on-the-premises small plates that included mini quiches, yogurt and fresh fruit, and scones and muffins. The presentation and taste would have made Martha (Stewart) herself proud! 

*And more "happy" spaces to enjoy - the area where breakfast is served (It also doubles as a front desk after the morning meal.) is upbeat and lively with a red counter, butterfly motif wallpaper, and a light fixture meant to mimic a cage filled with the prettiest birds. Ditto to the dining area that boasts purple accent walls, lots of light, and a sweet view of the side yard.

Pool Or Photo Opp

Full disclosure, I don't play pool. I do, however, ADORE this room. First, there's that library-inspired wall paper. Then, there's the light fixture over the table and that fireplace (another element original to the house) with the mantle and the (empty) liquor bottles. So, even if you haven't a clue about how to hold a pool cue, it's a spectacular space for taking some Instagrams, Uploads for Facebooks or Snapchats (Still haven't figured that one out yet!). 

Get Cozy

Our rooms? Bright, spotless, and so stylish. (In both - flat screens and that wallpaper, which reminds me so much of Missoni.) Comfy beds too. (I'm beyond cranky when I don't get enough Zzzzzzz's. A real bear. Or should I say lion?) Another fav - the gas fireplace in the sitting area of my suite. Toasty! 

For more behind the scenes from our staycation, check out @PattyJDotCom and @SDoylePhoto over on Instagram. Stacey took so many more beautiful pics that I wasn't able to include here.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


**Thank you to everyone at the Gilded, and Lark Hotels, for their hospitality and partnering with us on this staycation collab.

***Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography